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RE: Engingeering vacation spots

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Sloss Furnace in Birmingham, AL.   Nothing interesting as far as "awesome, how did they do that", but rather its an old blast furnace used to separate slag from iron converted into a museum.  Makes you really appreciate the labor involved in just making the steel we use.
Any battleship or aircraft carrier museum is also good.  Some of these ships (larger and more complex than most skyscrapers) were designed, build, and put into service in a period measured in months.  Plus what male child cannot resist seeing the big ships?
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Subject: Engingeering vacation spots

Hello all,
I would like to develop a list of engineering vacation destinations.  Kind of like, if I'm in a state what would be  a "must see" from an engineeris viewpoint.  The obvious first selection would be Boulder Dam when I go to Las Vegas.  Any other suggestions?  I'd eventually like to get at least one in each state.
Any takers?
Thanks in advance,
Doug McCurdy