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Re: Engingeering vacation spots

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I had a professor in grad school who took his vacations to canoe or kayak.
But he always chose destinations that passed under interesting bridges.  He
had quite a collection of great pictures!

New York City: Obviously plenty to see here, but I've always enjoyed the
walk across the Brooklyn Bridge.  The pedestrian walk is above the
vehicular roadway, and there is a sequence of plaques describing the
building of the bridge.

Ithaca, New York: On the Cornell University campus is an invisible library
-- invisible because all four stories were built underground.  The Kroch
Library has a central atrium with skylights that from the outside are
located at ground level.  The structural system is an interesting mix of
concrete and steel, and much of it is exposed.

Chicago: I agree the Chicago River is extraordinary...and so are some of
the bridges that span it!  The July 2000 issue of Modern Steel Construction
gave awards to the Damen Avenue Arch Bridge.  The State of Illinois
Building is also worth checking out.

I currently live in Boulder, Colorado.  There is a glulam arch vehicular
bridge that always catches my eye on the drive up Route 36 to Estes Park
and Rocky Mountain National Park.  It's a very aesthetic structure, but the
interesting aspect to me is the connection from the wood arch to the steel
cables that support the deck.

Thanks for initiating this thread, I'm enjoying the responses of others...

Johnny Drozdek

Hello all,
I would like to develop a list of engineering vacation destinations.  Kind
of like, if I'm in a state what would be  a "must see" from an engineeris
viewpoint.  The obvious first selection would be Boulder Dam when I go to
Las Vegas.  Any other suggestions?  I'd eventually like to get at least one
in each state.
Any takers?
Thanks in advance,
Doug McCurdy

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