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FW: Large Sheet Piling

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Title: FW: Large Sheet Piling
The question on sheet piling below was posted a while back. I forwarded it to Bill Liddy, who is AISC's Regional Engineer in the upper Midwest and knows as much as anybody about sheet-piling. His response is as follows:
"PZ27 is the largest section presently rolled in the USA. It's Moment of Inertia is 276 in^4. Bethlehem used to make PZ35 --  I of 681.  In the good old days, we would add cover plates to the back of the sheets to help control deflection with a greater I.  Usually this was only in the areas of greatest stress. So, the cover didn't run full length. I don't know what foreign section will give the required 300 that was specified.
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Subject: Large Sheet Piling
We have a project under construction that requires steel sheet piling with a
minimum moment of inertia of 300 in^4 per linear foot (the allowable
deflection controls rather than the bending stress).  Because it is a
government project, the specs require American made steel products. 
The Contractor claims that there is no domestically produced steel sheet
piles with the required moment of inertia.  Any there any
producers/suppliers/piling experts on the list that can verify or contradict
David Finley, P.E.