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Engineers on vacation

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Lynn H wrote:

> I would suggest that when you go on vacation you
> completely put engineering out of your mind and
> enjoy the other things life has to offer.
> Lynn

Wow...someone who can turn off their engineering eye!  I can't, and I
revel in it like a pig...well, you know.  Fortunately, my wife enjoys my
rants, flights of engineering fancy, ponderings, and other engineer-ish
activities as we travel.  It would be more work to try to NOT do so than
to "be an engineer."  The relaxing part is to be NOT on deadline, to NOT
have to make engineering *decisions*, and to NOT have to worry about
running a business...and that part of vacation I enjoy immensely.

In fact, we're going to Chicago this weekend to go to the World Science
Fiction Convetion and 1)I'll be on some panel discussions as an
engineer, 2)taking a tour of the Fermi lab, 3)go see Sue (the T Rex) at
the Field Museum, where I will not only marvel at the skeleton but will
also try to figure how they made the skeleton hold its pose, and 4)bring
some "back burner" project work with me to dink around addition
to watching films, going to parties, talking to editors, shopping,
sightseeing, working out, more parties, etc.  Of course, I will be
checking out the train we're riding on from New Orleans to Chicago &
back....maybe I can get in front and be a "real" engineer. <grin>

Once you *do* compile your list of engineering sites, could you please
send them to me?  I'm the newsletter editor for the Baton Rouge sections
of ASME and LES (an NSPE state org) and would like to run it.

Happy Labor Day to everyone.

Bart Kemper, PE

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