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Re: Engineering vacation spots

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Any old fort (preferably prior to the Civil War, although some of the
WWII coast artillery sites are NEAT with their "disappearing guns") can
be an engineering vacation site...the efforts used to stop the enemy AND
the forces of nature are a little easier to see for
kids/spouses/non-engineers.  You can also puzzle out how the thing was
built, since it was all done with "ass driven, air cooled" equipment.

Also, almost every active duty military installation has some sort of
museum.  Near Ft. Meade, Va there is the "Crypto Museum", with some of
the first uses of computers and mechanical encoders through modern
times.  Fort Leonard Wood, Mo. is the home of the Army Corps of
Engineers (*hooahh!*), Fort Knox, Ky. is home of the Armor (tanks,
etc.), Fort Riley KS is home of Artillery (physics with a bang), and
Fort Benning, Ga. is home of the Infantry, all of which is a playground
for an engineer's eye.  Manuever posts such as Fort Hood also have
museums of their units, usually including old enemy and friendly
vehicles, aircraft, etc.  Fort Bragg, NC has the 82nd Airborne Museum
*and* the Special Forces Museum as well the new Airborne Museum in
Fayetteville, NC (just outside Fort Bragg).  Even NYC has its own
historical military post: Fort Hamiliton, in what is now Bay Ridge,
Brooklyn.  It has a small museum and you can walk the ramparts
originally built by the brits and reinforced over the years by American
engineers to defend the Verazzano Straits--and incidently, the Verazzano
Bridge is right there, since they used federal land at the coastal
artillery posts Fort Hamilton and Fort Totten to build the bridge (just
as they used the Persidio in SF, Calif.).  West Point, NY has a
wonderful museum as well, esp. since it was the bastion of engineering
at the beginning of our country.

Bart Kemper, P.E.
member ASME, SAME, Army Engineer Assoc.
former paratrooper sgt, now CPT, Corps of Engineers, US Army Reserves

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