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RE: Flowable Fill

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Title: RE: Flowable Fill


We have had several projects where we successfully used flowable fill.  We typically specify a mixture of sand, water, cement, and DaraFill (an air-entraining, water-reducing additive from Grace Construction Products).  The DaraFill comes in plastic eggs which you simply toss in the mixer at the jobsite (perfect for Easter projects).  Our experience has been that this additive reduces settlement and bleeding, increases flowability and pumpability, and results in a more consistent mix with more predictable properties.  You can get a lot of literature on this from Grace.

Here are some typical mix designs:

Sand (#/cy)                     2380    2295
Water (#/cy)            250     250
Cement (#/cy)           100     200
Darafill (oz/cy)                3       3
Air Content (%)         35      35
56-Day UCS (psi)                53      121
56-Day Phi (Deg.)       22.5    34.2

DISCLAIMER: I have no professional or personal relationship with anyone at Grace and do not benefit in any way if you choose to use their products!

Hope this helps,

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