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RE: Engineering vacation spots

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Also, look at the cover of the Modern Steel each month. 
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Subject: Engineering vacation spots

Ahhhhh--fun for the whole family!

Having been around engineers of one sort or another all my life (please, pity me) any place can become an 'engineering' vacation spot:  I fondly remember my father--electrical engineer--turning every place into an engineering education for his 4 offspring (being the eldest, I got the brunt of the explanations).

Remembered places:  electrical generating stations; oil refineries; nuclear fixed site power plants; hydro electric plants with accompanying lectures (my father was nothing if not thorough) on construction, application, pitfalls of engineering and site usage, yada yada yada......

The best "tours" and something my engineer husband and I occasionally repeat are the nuclear sites; many of them have visitors' tours and can be wonderful--especially those that combine elements of 'nature'--like Diablo Canyon and San Onofre on the Pacific Coast, St. Lucie on the Gulf in Florida, and whatever it's called on the Missouri River....

Now, Richard  (my husband) likes to do it 'backwards'--he starts with a 'natural wonder' then discourses on how a structural engineer would have  built it--Arches National Monument comes to mind.....

Additional "hot spots":  "turn of the century" 'ghost towns' like Las Vegas, New Mexico:  the original Las Vegas:  the buildings are still in tact, though 'abandoned' for a couple of decades now--great examples of preretrofit something or others (sorry, I zoned during Richard's 'explanation').

Hope there's more interest in this thread on the list---now this stuff is interesting!

audra ranous :-)