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Seismic Mechanical Restraints

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If they will pay you a fair fee to do this work then do it.   On the other
hand if the client is suggesting that it is a part of the structural
engineer's normal scope and needs to be done for no increase in fee, then
you have a very good argument that it is the responsibility of the
mechanical engineer.

The mechanical engineer is legally capable of stamping and signing for this
work.  This position was supported by one of the lead engineers at OSHPD. 
Remember many mechanical engineers design mechanical equipment and piping
systems that are as sophisticated as buildings.  The fact that the
individual mechanical engineer may not know anything about static's is
irrelevant with regards to the question as to who is responsible.

In addition the mechanical engineer needs to take a lead role since he is
responsible for the design of the system and must have a veto over any
bracing design.

This leads to my position which is that, bracing of mechanical equipment is
the responsibility of the mechanical engineer with the structural engineer
designing the structure so as to support any specified bracing loads.  If
the mechanical engineer wishes and we are compensated then we will be glad
to help them.

Mark Gilligan

>A building inspector wants calculations for seismic bracing details for
the air handling units (suspended from the ceiling) shown on the
mechanical drawings. Is this to be done by the structural engineer? The
mechanical engineer just got his details from SMACNA or from jobs done
with DSA in the past.

Also, they want the air handling unit weights shown on the structural

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