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Engingeering vacation spots

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Doug . . . 

If you plan to expand your list, you might also consider many interesting
places in Canada.

Toronto, Ontario, for example, has a number of such structures:

		The CN Tower - it's the worlds tallest free-standing
concrete structure.

		The Skydome - baseball (The Blue Jays) and football stadium
with a solid three­section retractable roof.

		There is also the recently completed Air Canada Centre -
arena without column obstructions - home of the Toronto Maple Leafs hockey

The best part is, they are all within easy walking distance of each other,
and this year's ACI Fall 2000 Convention (Oct.15 to 20,2000;  Westin Harbour

Canada also has other engineering attractions, such as the science museums
in Toronto, and in Sudbury;  the Link - 13+ kilometer long concrete bridge
crossing the Bay of Fundy;  the Peterborough Lift Locks on the Trent­Severn
waterway - the worlds highest lift locks which recently celebrated 100 years
of operation;  or the CN and CP railway lines through the Canadian Rocky

And where else in the world are you going to find the original of the
Mounties (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) in their red tunics (only on

etc., etc., . . . 

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		On Mon, 28 Aug 2000, Bob Shaw wrote:

		> Michigan - Mackinaw Bridge

		>   Hello all,
		>   I would like to develop a list of engineering vacation
destinations.  Kind
		> of like, if I'm in a state what would be  a "must see"
from an engineeris
		> viewpoint.  The obvious first selection would be Boulder
Dam when I go to
		> Las Vegas.  Any other suggestions?  I'd eventually like to
get at least one
		> in each state.
		>   Any takers?
		>   Thanks in advance,
		>   Doug McCurdy

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