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Re: Seismic Mechanical Restraints

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>Remember many mechanical engineers design mechanical equipment and piping
>systems that are as sophisticated as buildings.  The fact that the
>individual mechanical engineer may not know anything about static's is
>irrelevant with regards to the question as to who is responsible.
While a lot of us ME's would construe this as slander, (;->) I'll take it 
as an educational opportunity. First, if the ME involved actually doesn't 
know anything about statics, he shouldn't be doing the calculations, let 
alone stamping anything. 

By way of preamble, I'm forced to admit a couple of things: 
1. I haven't the guts to do any building, let alone a residence, with a 
gun to my head. Dealing with developers, architects and contractors seems 
like the fast track to madness.
2. I find materials like concrete and timber even more baffling than 
promising some silicon baron a perfect structure that will last forever 
and neither move, leak, creak groan nor catch fire under wind, rain, 
earthquake, gloom of night or any other calamity including wanton abuse. 
More power to the courageous SE who isn't so baffled.

 But, while buildings are often lovely things and quite interesting, If 
you want sophistication try a piece of shipboard machinery or a nuclear 
plant component including vibration, thermal stress, creep, impact from 
relative motion across clearances and friction. Then do the fracture 
mechanics to make sure the system is damage tolerant. Actually, the 
hardest part is explaining it to the CE project engineer for the A&E firm 
who thinks it's just part of the dead weight. 

Christopher Wright P.E.    |"They couldn't hit an elephant from
chrisw(--nospam--at)        | this distance"   (last words of Gen.
___________________________| John Sedgwick, Spotsylvania 1864)

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