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RE: Auger Cast Piles

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Title: RE: Auger Cast Piles

"Auger-cast", or more generically, "auger-grouted", piles are placed by rotating a continuous flight hollow-shaft auger into the ground to a predetermined pile depth. Grout is then injected through the auger shaft so as to exert removing pressure on the withdrawing earth-filled auger as well as lateral pressure on the soil surrounding the grout-filled pile hole.  There is never an open hole.  Reinforcing can lowered into the still fluid grout after the auger has been removed.

Ed Marshall, P.E.

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Please define for me "Auger Cast Piles." Is this what I know as a drilled caisson; which is a big hole drilled in the ground filled with a rebar steel  then poured with concrete?

In advance for the education, thanks.

George Richards PE