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This is not a technical but rather a political posting.  SEAOC and ASCE supports
a yes vote on Proposition 35, which will be on the ballot this November in
California.  So I assume there is no objection to posting this on the list
server - unless there are members of the PECG (Professional Engineers in
California Government) union out there.  

I was at a CELSOC-LA dinner regarding Proposition 35 last night.  PECG has
already purchased more than $4,000,000 in television time, so be ready for their
propaganda.  We need to make sure everyone you know in California is registered
to vote, and votes yes on 35.  Pass this on to your spouse, friends, neighbors
and any other registered voter in California you know.  For information, and
dowloadable posters, etc., see  As you can see below, ASFE is
also involved.  There is a 7 minute video tape regarding Proposition 35.  If
anyone wants to see it you can get a copy from CELSOC.

Thank you for your time.

Tom Benson at Lowney Associates
1785 Locust Street, Suite 10
Pasadena, CA 91106-1614
(626) 396-1490
FAX: (626) 396-1491
Geotechnical & Environmental Engineering Services

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Author: "John Bachner" <john(--nospam--at)>
Date:       8/31/2000 4:38 AM


We absolutely must pull together to secure passage of California's
Proposition 35, to permit (not require) private sector design
professionals to do work for state and local jurisdictions. Right now,
almost all state work goes to unionized state employees. Local
jurisdictions are being pressured to start their own in-house engineering
departments, and many are. Buoyed by their success in California, unions
are moving to bring all state engineering work in-house in New York,
Texas, and other states. At the federal level, more than 100 Congressman
have signed on to a House and Senate bill that would allow contracting out
ONLY when the outside contractors could do it for at least 10% less than
federal workers. Federal workers would compute the numbers (that's a no
win for us) and then the engineers who get the work would have to
negotiate with "the exclusive representative of the federal employees
performing the function."

Beware of the new literature the union has issued for its California
fight, under the name of "Californians Opposed to School and Road Delay,"
saying that Prop. 35 would slow progress and increase costs -- the exact
opposite of the truth as we know it to be. The unions have committed $4.6
million to kill the engineers' initiative, and another $13.3 million for
other efforts.

ASFE pledged to provide up to $20,000 in matching grants, and our members
surpassed that total, so we've sent more than $40,000. But more is needed,
which is why the Board has authorized an additional $10,000 in matching
grants. Polls in California have shown that Prop. 35 will pass, but only
if enough advertising is purchased. Right now, the Prop. 35 folks don't
have nearly enough.

Please give. Make your check payable to "Yes on Prop. 35" and mail it to
ASFE (at 8811 Colesville Rd., Suite G106, Silver Spring, MD 20910). We'll
match every cent you send us to double our power, up to $10,000. The
effort against private enterprise in engineering is insidious and
pervasive. We all have a stake in this fight.

(Please note that your contributions are not tax-deductible as charitable

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