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Re: Seismic Mechanical Restraints

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Mark Gilligan wrote:The mechanical engineer is legally capable of stamping and
signing for this

> work.  This position was supported by one of the lead engineers at OSHPD.
> Remember many mechanical engineers design mechanical equipment and piping
> systems that are as sophisticated as buildings.  The fact that the
> individual mechanical engineer may not know anything about static's is
> irrelevant with regards to the question as to who is responsible.

<GRIN>  Actually, mechanical engineers usually laugh at other disciplines if
they hear them complain about that course since Statics (and Strength of
Materials) is a "gimme" course compared to Dynamics, etc.  "If something moves
for a civil engineer, they just pour more concrete."

> This leads to my position which is that, bracing of mechanical equipment is
> the responsibility of the mechanical engineer with the structural engineer
> designing the structure so as to support any specified bracing loads.  If
> the mechanical engineer wishes and we are compensated then we will be glad
> to help them.

This is an accurate assessment of how a mechanical engineer works WITH a
structural engineer.  In fact, I wish there were more instances where the ME is
able to specify loads to the SE instead of the SE designing a structure using
best available guess at the time, then the ME having to deal with the existing

Bart Kemper, PE

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