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RE: Engineering Vacations

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>To everyone who participated, many thanks!  I've been overwhelmed and
>amazed.  This thread has been a first class hoot!
>We're missing listings for the following states
>  Alaska

The pipeline?  But maybe you don't want to vacation there. :)

> Indiana
They have the Duesenburg/Cord museum.  Great if you're into classic cars.

> Massachutetts
The BIG DIG in Boston.  Saw a great episode of "Modern Marvels" on the
History channel about this.  I think someone else suggested it also.

The Mall of America - world's largest mall.  Your wife would love the
shopping and the kids would love the indoor amusement park.  The coolest
part, tho', is LEGOLAND.  They have 20' dioramas made from Lego's.


In Nebraska they consider anything more than 30' high an engineering marvel.
:)  So do any visitors traveling I-80.

Any of the 4 dams on the Columbia river.

> South Carolina
Visit the US' only nuclear powered cargo ship at Charleston.

> Washington
Oh, this is easy!  The Tacoma Narrows Bridge!  See the replacement for
Galloping Girdy.
The Space Needle is worth the visit.  Pretty innovative concept, even for
today.  They have a couple of floating bridges, 2 across Lake Washington and
1 across the Hood Canal.  If you want BIG and impressive, see the Grand
Coolee dam on the Columbia River.  IIRC, it's 750' from the top of the river
to the top of the reservoir.  They have a bunch of smaller dams also.

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