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Re: Stucco Hail Damage - Arizona

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Thanks, Samir.

I am sure that the stucco is proprietary, but which brand, I don't know yet.  
I don't yet have the plans and specifications, and even if the brand is 
specified there, there is no assurance that that is what the stucco 
contractor used.  ICBO reports and producer's instructions would have to be 

A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
Tucson, Arizona

Samir Ghosn wrote:

This condition you explained reminds me of a case I encountered in Las
Vegas.  It sounds like the stucco system is a proprietery type like " Omega
" if my memory serves me right.  There is an ICBO report used for such
products where it specifies a compression fit of the foam board used under
such system to be used around opennings and there by not requiring the
flashing as it is commonly used in regular 7/8 inch, three coat
application.  One reason for that is the ICBO report allowed areas of nine
inches or less of rain fall to use the compression type faom system instead
of the regular sisal and building paper flashing.  However, the stucco
thickness seems very low.  Another factor you might want to verify is the
curing of stucco and if any water or lime was added for workability in hot
desert climate which degrades the strength of the stucco  Hope this help in
your evaluation of the stucco problem
Samir Y. Ghosn, P.E.<<

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