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Sorry . . .  I stand corrected.  Never been there myself yet - old story,
office work load.  I had hoped to visit the bridge and also the Bay of Fundy
this season, but . . . you know " . . . better laid plans of mice and men .
. . " 

Does anyone know if there is a web page associated with "The Link"???

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		Subject: Engineering Vacations, eh?

		Fellow Vacationers:

		"  the Link. a 13+ kilometer long concrete bridge crossing
the Bay of

		Just a quick correction - the Fixed Link crosses the
Northumberland Strait
		between New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island. There is an
		interpretive centre at Gateway Village in Borden, PEI that
has various
		exhibits about the construction of the bridge.

		But speaking of Bay of Fundy, it is reputed to have the
highest tides in
		the world, over 30 feet, and there is a tidal power station
located in
		Annapolis, Nova Scotia that is worth a look.

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