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RE: Auger Cast Piles

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>From the original thread, we are using 16 inch and 24 inch diameter piles
with lengths 60 feet to 80 feet.  As previously described, the auger is
drilled to final pile depth then concrete is pumped down the center of the
auger as the auger is pulled up.  To me, it is a take off of pressure
grouting.  After the auger is removed the rebar cage with special spacers
is pushed into the wet concrete.  The concrete is a special wet design with
pea gravel.  Also, the rebar only goes down the first 25 to 30 feet.  For
tension piles an additional single #8 bar is installed down the middle for
the full length of the pile.

Thomas Hunt, S.E.
Duke/Fluor Daniel

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If I may ask a second set of questions.  How do we get a gage of steel down
into a hole that has already been filled with concrete?  Then when the cage
is in how do you know you maintained 3 or 4 inches clear to soil?  How deep
can one drill to?

Thank you.  George Richards, P. E.

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We have never used augercast piles smaller than 14". A better size and the
size we have used the most is 18".  This size worked best since we used the
piles in seismic zone 3 and had lateral loads in the piles.  (At 14"
diameter you can' get much of a cage in the top of the pile allowing for 3"
clear around the cage.)  Bending moments and ductility requirements in the
upper portions of the pile greatly effected and often controlled the

Jim Hagensen, SE

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