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RE: Auger Cast Piles

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We recently had an in-house lunch seminar on Auger Cast Piles presented by Mr. Tracy Brettmann with  Berkel & Company Contractors, Inc. The seminar was technical in nature, and quite informative. Their corp. phone number in Kansas City area is 913-422-5125. I believe Tracy is from their Houston TX office. They will be able to answer any technical questions or anything else you may be curious about with respect to Auger Cast Piles. They have offices in the following areas: Atlanta, Baltimore, Detroit, Fort Lauderdale and Houston. and Kansas City, KS. They can construct pile sizes from "12 inches to 30 inches (2" increments-in general) to depths in excess of 100 feet with design capacities of over 150 Tons"....
Hope this helps!