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RE: Engineering Vacations

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>The Mall of America - world's largest mall.  Your wife would love the
>shopping and the kids would love the indoor amusement park.  The coolest
>part, tho', is LEGOLAND.  They have 20' dioramas made from Lego's.
This is our monument to wretched excess--save your time and check out our 
collection of bridges across the Mississippi, Fort Snelling, the old 
limestone buildings in the milling district along Main Street in 
Minneapolis and across the river (couple of neat old bridges near there 
including the Stone Arch bridge dating from 1880, now a ped/bikeway) the 
railway museum in Duluth--lots of neat stuff for the steam locomotive 
freak. Or the remains of the open pit iron mines up north on the range. 
There are also a series of locks and dams along the Mississippi by which 
we avoid floods to save as much runoff as possible for the folks south of 

And be sure and ask about the world's largest collection of Sven and Ole 
jokes (equivalent to Bubba and Earl jokes in the Old Confederacy) from 
any passing Minnesotan. Of course you won't want to miss King's Bar along 
Central Avenue where Jerry Lundegard met the kidnappers in the first 
scene of 'Fargo.'

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