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It's the U.S.A. Inc.

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     We have been unluckily involved in some business with a branch of the United Structures of American Inc. (U.S.A., a member of MBMA) located in Houston, TX. At current stage, we want contact any guy of the Houston plant for this company, but we can’t find any information of their E-mail address from the manuals and magazine in hand or the web. We need your kind help to get their E-mail address.
     The verify we want to make is like this: 
     Does the U.S.A. hold any of the shares of this branch located in Shanghai? It’s marketed as the branch of the United Structures of American Inc. with all the logos and literature, the name for this branch is the Shanghai Branch of United Structures of American Inc. in Chinese, and Shanghai United Structures Co. Ltd. in English.
     As we can see from the web , their branch located at N0. 88 Shouyang Road, Shanghai, China. Is this facility equipped with the state-of-the art machines provided by the U.S.A. located in Houston city, TX? Are their engineers regularly engaged in the fabrication quality control of this facility?
     Do their company invested any specialized software for engineering and design for this facility located in China and their engineers regularly engaged in the collation of the design and engineering quality?
     Has their head quarter shared any profit from this facility recently?
     Any of your kindly reply are appreciated greatly!

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