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Re: It's the U.S.A. Inc.

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--- "Ali J.Young/ZS Shanghai Sales"
<aj_young(--nospam--at)> wrote:
> Colleague,
>      We have been unluckily involved in some
> business with a branch of the United Structures of
> American Inc. (U.S.A., a member of MBMA) located in
> Houston, TX. At current stage, we want contact any
> guy of the Houston plant for this company, but we
> can¡¯t find any information of their E-mail address
> from the manuals and magazine in hand or the web. We
> need your kind help to get their E-mail address.
>      The verify we want to make is like this: 
>      Does the U.S.A. hold any of the shares of this
> branch located in Shanghai? It¡¯s marketed as the
> branch of the United Structures of American Inc.
> with all the logos and literature, the name for this
> branch is the Shanghai Branch of United Structures
> of American Inc. in Chinese, and Shanghai United
> Structures Co. Ltd. in English.
>      As we can see from the web ,
> their branch located at N0. 88 Shouyang Road,
> Shanghai, China. Is this facility equipped with the
> state-of-the art machines provided by the U.S.A.
> located in Houston city, TX? Are their engineers
> regularly engaged in the fabrication quality control
> of this facility?
>      Do their company invested any specialized
> software for engineering and design for this
> facility located in China and their engineers
> regularly engaged in the collation of the design and
> engineering quality?
>      Has their head quarter shared any profit from
> this facility recently?
>      Any of your kindly reply are appreciated
> greatly!
> A. J. Young
> Structural Engineer
> Shanghai General Metal Building Co. Ltd.
> Tel: (86) 21-65426296, 55510362
> Mob: (86)13901918890
> Fax: (86) 21-65071932
> E-mail:  aj_young(--nospam--at)
> Mr. A. J. Young:

I just have a copy of MCN product file and directory
that listed United Structures of America, Inc. at the
following address, telephone and fax number. I wish
you lucks with all your questions posted.

United States of America, Inc.
Corporate Office & main plant
1912 Buschong, Houston, TX 77039
Tel: 281-442-8247
Fax: 281-442-2125
President: F. Richard Drake
VP: Ron Fletcher

Tennessee Plant
P.o.Box 605, Portland, TN 37418
Tel: 615-325-7351
Fax: 615-735-6325

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