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Re: Navy Structural Document Source

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Just use ASCE 98 if you want for wind. They will allow it as long as you use it throughout (ie. don't go half and half). It is considered a recognized source for wind analysis so it is therefore acceptable.
I've done this on several buildings. It is especially helpful on light structures as the WI code requires you to use the vertical projection of a sloped roof for wind loading which in many cases is very conservative for the total lateral force on the structure.

Ed Fasula wrote:

> I have gotten some good links to obscure military sites with structural design information developed by the Navy, Army, etc.  I've often wondered how they were found.
> At the present moment, I'm looking for a Navy document on wind load analysis.  It has a table somewhat similar to the UBC.  [We're designing a building in Wisconsin, and apparently this document is acceptable to them, but don't dare mention UBC to them - they developed their own (often ambiguous and incomplete) code from scratch and I understand the officials are very touchy about anyone else's code].
> The document I need is: NAVFAC DM2 (October 1970)
> Any help finding this online is most appreciated.
> Regards,
> Ed Fasula EIT
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