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Re: Model Codes (was Navy Structural Document Source)

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Check your facts before you make such a statement, Bill!

Massachusetts has its own building code, too, with several chapters that are
"entirely unique to Massachusetts".  Of course, a large portion of the code
is borrowed or adapted from BOCA and the UBC; reference is made to ACI and
AISC for chapters 19 and 22, for example.  It certainly cannot be said that
the code is out of date.

But Chapters 16, 17, 18, and 23 have significant differences from any model

In the earthquake section of Chapter 16, for example, is a clear and concise
explanation of the purposes and limitations of earthquake design, something
that is sorely missing from the UBC (I wonder if it is in the IBC?).  This
is one example why a unique state code may survive in Massachusetts.

Are there any other states that don't use a model code?

Mark Swingle


On 11 Sep 2000, Bill Polhemus wrote:

>Well, I know that it is true that both New York
>and Wisconsin are the only states that do NOT
>use a model building code.

>I have done work in New York, but not Wisconsin.
>The New York State building code looked like
>something someone had come up in the 1940s (I
>used in in 1995).

>Ed Fasula wrote:
>> [We're designing a building in Wisconsin,
>>and apparently this document is acceptable to
>>them, but don't dare mention UBC to them - they
>>developed their own (often ambiguous and
>>incomplete) code from scratch and I understand
>>the officials are very touchy about anyone else's

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