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RE: Masonry Bond beams at 4'-0" o.c.

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Except for stack bond (Sect 1.11 ACI 530).  The minimum requirements for
horizontal reinforcing don't pop up until you get to Seismic Performance
Category C, ACI 530 Section  You will see that there are
minimums for horizontal reinforcement for Seismic Performance Categories D
and E as well.

There is nothing in ACI 530 requiring horizontal reinforcing for Seismic
Performance Categories A and B, but I use horizontal reinforcing for crack
control to assure that the shrinkage crack occurs in the control joints only
(where they are supposed to be).  This is a serviceability issue.  The US
Army Corps of Engineers has several additional requirements related to
serviceability contained in Chapter 4 of the TM 5-809-3

Harold Sprague

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> I was reading the masonry section in Simplified Engineering by Parker
> Ambrose. It states that load bearing walls must be reinforced at 4'-0"
> o.c. both vertically and horizontally but doesn't site the code this is
> referenced from. I've looked through ACI 530 and still can't find anything
> about reinforcing in both directions. Can someone please tell me where
> this is in a code book. 
> Thank you 
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