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FW: Vibration Isolators for Bins

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Cracks are VERY, VERY BAD!

I assume form your description that the cracks in the bin skin are actually
cracks in the bottom hopper???

This needs to be addressed before the bottom of the bin fails and dumps the
screw feeder and tons of contents below.

Check with the bin mfg. to confirm that the bin was designed for a vibrating
discharge.  The hopper may be too thin for the vibrating discharge.

Isolating the bin from the platform may solve the platform problem but will
make the bin vibration worse.  It may be that the counter weights for the
vibrator are too large and they can be reduced to lower the vibrations.

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> Sent: Thursday, September 14, 2000 9:57 AM
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> Subject: Vibration Isolators for Bins
> Situation:
>    10' diameter bin has a vibratory screw bottom to empty the contents.
> Bottom is supposed to be isolated from the bin but isolation doesn't work.
> Hence, entire bin vibrates along with the support platform.  Cracks are
> appearing in the skin of the bin and deck plates of the platform.  We've
> called the screw manf. but they can't solve the problem of the transmitted
> vibrations.  They suggest putting isolators between the bin and the
> platform.  The connection between bin and the vibrating bottom looks  as
> follows, it's basically a dog bone with an eyelet at each end:
>        ------
>        |  --------- to bin
>        ------
>         |  |
>         |  |
>        ------
>        |  --------- to vibrating bottom
> (ASCII art appearing courtesy of QWERTY and the number 2).
>        ------
>   Anyone have good information on equipment isolation mounts?  I'd really
> like to find one that we can fit into the eyelet so we can isolate the
> bottom from the bin.  Short of that, I'd take one to isolate the bin from
> the platform.
> TIA,
> Mark Jones

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