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Re: Suggested Details - HSS Column Embedded in Concrete Masonry

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We just tackled something similar with a concrete wall.  We opted for a
combination deformed bar anchor / headed stud configuration from column to
wall.  I had a wide flange column, so I used a "moment" connection from the
girder to the column.

This solution is filed under the category "engineer the !@#$% out of it!"

But I'll sleep nights.

Keith Fix, PE

--- Bill Polhemus <bpolhem(--nospam--at)> wrote:
> Still knockin' the rust off... Believe it or not, I used to DO all this
> stuff,
> but just five years have made a difference in my "remembery" (as my little
> girl
> used to say).
> What I've got is a column--say a pipe or square shape--set in the cell at the
> end of a masonry wall. Grouted, of course.
> Now, the trick is that this wall ends, and the diaphragm forces continue in a
> girder that frames into the column on the other side from the wall. Of
> course, I
> want to transfer the drag strut forces into the wall, but am squeamish about
> what sort of positive, never fail connection to make to the wall--especially
> since this wall is the ONLY thing that's going to grab the drag strut forces
> (in
> other words, it's going to get ALL the compression and ALL the tension force
> from the drag strut.
> Has anybody got a suggested detail for the vicinity of the
> girder-to-column-to-masonry wall area? This thing has turned out to be a real
> booger!
> Thanks for your suggestions.

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