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omega level forces

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>>We have debated whether the anchor bolts, baseplates, and foundation system
would also need to be checked (@ strength levels) for the omega level force.
We are using the allowable stress design provisions (Division V) (DSA
doesn't allow use of LRFD even though Division V seems to be LRFD in disguise)<<
If you are doing DSA project, refer to CBC Section 1633A.2.12.  It requires all foundation and superstructure-to-foundation connections to be designed for omega times the forces in the superstructure.  See section for more detailed exception and other requirements.
However, at the risk of making this issue more confusing.....
    For SCBF, brace connection is designed for tension or compression capacity of the brace which is much more than simply omega times the force.  So the second level brace to beam connection to transfer horizontal component could be much larger than shear transfer connection at the foundation level at fist level brace.  Does that make sense?  Anybody care to comment?