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RE: Vibration Isolators for Bins

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I can't tell if your situation is similar, but a few years ago I designed a
200 ton gypsum hopper that had a vibrating pan feeder at the discharge.
This feeder was mounted to the hopper with four "vibration absorbers".  I
don't have the information with me but the feeder and the vibration
isolators we provided by the Jeffrey Company.  Maybe you can contact them
(864)476-7523 for some more ideas.

William Pulyer PE
Charlotte, NC

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> Sent:	Thursday, September 14, 2000 10:57 AM
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> Subject:	Vibration Isolators for Bins
> Situation:
>    10' diameter bin has a vibratory screw bottom to empty the contents.
> Bottom is supposed to be isolated from the bin but isolation doesn't work.
> Hence, entire bin vibrates along with the support platform.  Cracks are
> appearing in the skin of the bin and deck plates of the platform.  We've
> called the screw manf. but they can't solve the problem of the transmitted
> vibrations.  They suggest putting isolators between the bin and the
> platform.  The connection between bin and the vibrating bottom looks  as
> follows, it's basically a dog bone with an eyelet at each end:
>        ------
>        |  --------- to bin
>        ------
>         |  |
>         |  |
>        ------
>        |  --------- to vibrating bottom
> (ASCII art appearing courtesy of QWERTY and the number 2).
>        ------
>   Anyone have good information on equipment isolation mounts?  I'd really
> like to find one that we can fit into the eyelet so we can isolate the
> bottom from the bin.  Short of that, I'd take one to isolate the bin from
> the platform.
> TIA,
> Mark Jones

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