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(Fwd) RE: Bar Joists

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(Repost due to excessive length)


I was under the impression that this server was to help each other 
by sharing knowledge etc.

I am of the philosophy that you will learn something new each day, 
and gain a better understanding of what you though you knew 
through forums such as this. To decide that you know all there is 
to know, is ignorance. To ask for information such as Todd 
requested to a forum generally saves a lot of time in getting the 

It appears that since Todd didnt use a post-nominal to indicate 
licensure, it was automatically assumed that he lacked such 
honor. When the rules of licensure as a structural engineer vary 
from state to state, one becomes wary of using the title.

After subscribing to the server for approximately a year, I am tiring 
of the wasted email that fills my inbox which is no more than a 
p*ssing contest on whos state licensing is better, and the bigotry 
that accompanies this.

Finally, so what if an structural engineer works for a Architectural 
firm....glad to see it has a structural department to keep them 
honest. I work for a custom log home company, and I am not 
talking about your 20'x30' hunters cabin. Furthermore, I do not offer 
any input into the discussion for a fee and I am not sealing 
anything on the listserver, so who cares if I use EIT,FE,PE, SE or 
CPEng. Also, this is an 'International' list server; therefore, because 
I have foreign qualifications and experience, is my input discounted?

Peter McCormack
(licensure status, qualifications and years of experience withheld 
by request)

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