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Re: It's What You Don't Know That Hurts You...

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I sympathize with you. I hope you don't have to pay dearly for the way we are 
being forced by the engineering industry environment to conduct our business.

I find clients wanting to have engineering completed in shorter and shorter 
time.  Their approach almost borders on insanity. Either there is an absence 
of properly planning a project, or the planning is faulty, to begin with.  
Many weeks pass before a project is cleared for engineering etc.  However, as 
soon as an AFE is approved, the project enters an emergency phase.  If you 
don't take the assignment, you are doomed, perhaps to the extent of shutting 
the company's doors.  So, shortcuts are taken including reducing the 
man-hours required for doing a thorough design. How many clients are willing 
to develop a reasonable schedule taking into account realistic deliveries and 
standard design practices? How many are inclined to develop long term 
relationships with a company with a care for the stability of the consulting 
company and a willingness to plan schedules based on building backlogs?  
None.  The motto seems to be, "I will go with whoever will dance to my tune, 
however, noisy or irritable the tune may be."  I fear that accidents are 
waiting to happen.  Your post confirms my fear.

Another thing I have noticed in the industry; Anyone that has installed a 
fence post thinks that he is a foundation engineer.  Anyone that has built a 
four legged stool assumes himself as a structural engineer.  A qualified 
engineer is forced to defend his design at every step and the pity is that 
his defense is against the self-styled "engineers."  A case in point: 
Prefabricated roof joists, commonly used in commercial facilities such as 
Walmart, can be seen in many industrial facilities supporting pipes. Some of 
them look so flimsy to be scary.  But they have been there for years.  A few 
days ago, I was talking to a Vulcraft engineer who told me some of the 
premise on which their designs are based, most of which will not apply to the 
"pipe bridge" scenario.  However, someone has approved the pipe bridge design 
using "K" type roof joists. I wonder how many qualified engineers pray, after 
designing something as required by the self-styled engineers.  

P. Rajendran
Service & Technology Corporation
105 SW Penn
Bartlesville, OK 74003
Ph: 918 336 8161  FAX: 918 336 8265

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