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RE: Bar Joists

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Jim Persing,

I appreciate your reply, and anticipate several.  I hope this will serve to
answer them all.  I did not check Todd Hill's credentials, nor do I check
anyone else's, unless I need to rely on their expertise.  Please forgive my
paranoia when I read structural questions coming out of an architect's office:
I work in one and have developed healthy caution.

BUT, even someone as green as me knows what that an H-series is an older
version of a K-series joist.  The lack of recognition demonstrates a lack of
familiarity with the work required.  While I do not doubt Mr. Hill's competence
to practice engineering, I am concerned that he is not familiar with the old
bar joist series.  For that reason, I concluded that Mr. Hill is not a
"structural" engineer, and should seek the counsel of one who is, as opposed to
posting to an email list and hoping for the right answer (this time he got
several).  If I am in error, I express my deepest apologies to Todd Hill, PE.

As we all know, there are often postings to the list asking for information
about a "QEI198741LKASJD" or some other bizarre and long obsolete material
designation.  The miriad answers follow, some good, some bad.  In this
particular case, I felt it worthwhile to suggest that some "face-to-face"
discussion would be helpful, or even a simple phone call.

Also, since when is it bad for structural engineers to get paid for their
specialized knowledge and experience.  If a buddy of mine in a competing office
had called and asked me that question, I would have billed him the half hour it
would take to gather the information at my disposal and prepare a formal and
complete answer (as I have done before).  If he were a regular client, I would
have billed it to overhead, marketing, or the project (were it still active). 
If I weren't familiar with the project, and couldn't review the drawings, and
felt the guy (or gal) needed help I couldn't provide, I'd suggest (s)he hire
someone to help out, which is exactly what I did.

P.S.: This gets billed under "personal", !@#$%^.

P.P.S.: Every firm I've worked with gets calls about old projects.  I thought
that was "part and parcel" of our work.  Apparently not.

Keith Fix, PE CA (Structural)
Cromwell Architects Engineers
Little Rock, Arkansas

--- Jim Persing <jpersing(--nospam--at)> wrote:
> Keith Fix, PE,
> I think your response to Todd Hill could be directed to just about all
> inquiries on this list but that is not the purpose of these inquiries and
> responses.  We're here to help our fellow engineers and share resources.
> I'm pleased that there were several helpful responses to his question.
> Jim Persing, SE
> P.S. - It did not take too much effort to find that Mr. Todd Hill is a
> licensed engineer in the State of Oklahoma, the state of his project
> location.
> P.P.S. - My name is on a lot of plans out there but if I'm still around in
> 22 years I hope nobody will be calling me asking about a plan I signed over
> 2 decades before!
> Keith Fix wrote....
> Todd:
> Please call a structural engineer in your area and ask him to help you.
> Although many on this list can certainly answer such a simple question, it
> would be appropriate that you pay for the information, and have an engineer
> available to help with any related questions you might have.
> You might also consider calling the engineer-of-record, whose stamp should
> be
> on the drawings.
> Keith Fix, PE
> Cromwell Architects Engineers
> Little Rock, AR
> --- Todd Hill <thill(--nospam--at)> wrote:
> > I have structural drawings dated 1978 for a project in Oklahoma.
> > The drawings call out a 18H5 joist on 5'-0" centers, spanning 30'-0".
> > Anyone know what the capacity for this joist would be?
> > Anyone know what the history of this lettering for steel joists?
> > Most recent catalogs I have, list K series joists.
> > I also have older information on J series joists.
> > What do the letters actually mean?
> >
> > Todd Hill
> > TK Architects, Inc.
> > 816-842-7552 ext. 233
> >

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