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Re:stack foundation

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>From a geotechnical engineer's perspective, I have found that due to wind and
seismic loading, a deep foundation is required (even if you have good soil
conditions).  This is usually required to resist sliding and overturning
(particularly overturning).  This was dictated in the past primarily by the SE
rather than the GE.  I, of course, do not know your wind and seismic design
criteria, nor the geotechnical conditions at your site.  The last one I worked
on was a very heavy post-tensioned concrete stack.  I think "others" decided
that concrete was more desirable than steel due to heat transfer, or possibly
something to do with the schedule and steel lead time.

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Subject:    stack foundation 
Author: <seaint(--nospam--at)>
Date:       9/19/2000 1:57 PM

We have been asked to design a foundation for a 200-foot high, 20-foot diameter
stack. Can anyone give me any "watch out for's" or direct me towards any
reference information.  I am going to have a soils investigation by a geotech to
be sure that we don't have any settlement problems using a "shallow" foundation.
 I am guessing (this is in the very preliminary stages)  that the foundation
will be something like a 25 foot hexagon maybe 8 feet thick.  What kind of
factor of safety should be used for overturning for a structure like this? One
thing that I was thinking might be a problem is heat because of the fairly large
mass of concrete that will be needed.  All of your thoughts are appreciated.

Ken Peoples, P. E.


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