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Wind Loads on Curved Roofs

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Title: Wind Loads on Curved Roofs

"Steel Structures" by William McGuire, Prentice-Hall, 1968 states that the most comprehensive reference of wind shape factors,etc. is given by the Swiss Building Code. McGuire presents portions of the code, including coefficients for curved roofs, in his Appendix.

He references "Standards of the Swiss Association of Engineers and Architects on Load Assumptions, Acceptance, and Supervision of Buildings", Schweizerischer Ingenieur und Architekten Verein, Technische Normen No. 160, 1956.  There is very probably a more current version of the Swiss Standard.

Frank Hartzell, PE
Jacobs Engineers

On Tue, 19 Sep 2000, Keith Fix wrote:

> Risking additional flames, I have a question of my own:
> Where can I find data, design info, or recommendations for wind loads on curved
> roofs?
> Specifically, the project is a helicopter hanger with large doors ("open"
> building).  The roof is approx. 200 ft. wide and rises 14 feet from the eaves,
> which are about 38 feet above the (level) ground.  I'll be using pre-engineered
> bowstring joists for the roof at 10'-0" c.c.  Deck will be 3" type "N".  Wind
> uplift will need to be specified to the joist manufacturer (Vulcraft et al).
> References to codes, textbooks, articles, etc., would all be appreciated.
> If this question has already hit the listserve and the answer's in the archive,
> the date(s) would be helpful; my search turned up nothing of value.
> -
> Keith Fix, PE CA (Structural)
> Cromwell Architects Engineers
> PS: I'm interested to see if Todd or Desi have any experience with this, since
> Austin does so much work with Boeing.   ;-)