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RE: Lead Primed Structural Steel

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You should be concerned, but not overly.  OSHA requires proper safety
procedures for removing lead paint.  There are manufacturers of grinders
with self contained vacuum devices that remove the lead paint with minimal
loss to the atmosphere.  It is not as hazardous as asbestos.  Most major
painting contractors and many of the better steel erectors are aware of
proper procedures.

Welding and potential hazardous fumes are well presented in USACE TI 809-26
Welding - Design Procedures and Inspections.

Harold Sprague

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> Subject:	Lead Primed Structural Steel
> One of my current projects involves an existing structural steel building 
> where some of the existing steel(W shapes) will be removed and
> re-installed. 
> All of the steel is primed and since the structure was erected during the 
> mid-60's, I'm concerned that the primer may be "red lead". Subsequent 
> sampling and testing will verify if this is the case. If so, should I be 
> concerned when the iron workers handle this material? In some cases, new 
> steel will be welded to the existing steel. Should I be concerned about
> the 
> resultant lead vapors? If the primer is removed via grinding or blasting,
> is 
> it possible that nearby workers could inhale the air borne lead particles?
> TIA,
> Charlie Canitz, PE
> Bel Air, MD

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