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Macomber V-Beams

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I have a photocopy of a Macomber "Allspan" joist catalog, MA-61 (possibly 
from 1961).  The Allspan Nomenclature states:

"Two or three digits in the Allspan symbol indicate 1-1/4 inch [deep] 
chords.  The first digit indicates the top chord size, while the remaining 
digit indicates the nominal depth.

Four digits indicate 3 inch [deep] chords with the first two digits 
indicating the chord size and the second two indicating the overall depths."

All designations have the letter "A" appended; however, extended ends are 
designated with the letters "A" thru "D" appended to one or two digits.

A page of the catalog indicates that there are several catalogs for Macomber 
products, one of which is for "V-Purlins."

Sorry I can't be of more help.

A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
Tucson, Arizona

Jim Kestner wrote:

>>I have a remodeling project in a building that was built in 1972. I have
obtained the joist tags and the joists are Macomber V-beams. I know
Macomber's designations didn't follow the typical SJI designations. Can
someone help me out with the capacities for these designations and

18D         32 foot span
22H        44 foot span
24H        48 foot span

Let me know if I don't have the designations right. I can always go back
to the site, since it is only 2 minutes from our office.<<

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