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ASCE Delegation to Cuba

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I have received invitations to "People to People" trips to China a number of 
years ago, and recently received another "People to People" letter for a trip 
to somewhere.  Another local engineer also had received the China letter and 
actually went.  His evaluation of the trip was very favorable, but then China 
was a mostly closed country.  My evaluation is that it is a mass mailing.

If there is something in Cuba that you wanted to see, and if the cost is 
comparable to other tours to Cuba, then consider going.  But, if you go 
because your ego was puffed up ....

In the early 1970's when there was a real construction recession, a travel 
agency that had space in the same building in which I had my office called me 
in one day and showed me my name on a mailing list that they had purchased.  
The title on the mailing list was, "Wealthiest People in Pima County."  I 
looked thru the list and virtually every engineer and architect in private 
practice was on the list, and I knew that some of them were in as bad a 
shape, if not worse, than I was.

I also receive letters from Nigeria inviting me to help launder some 
bureaucrat's ill-gotten monies, for which they would share the monies.  There 
were a lot of zeros in the money that would be my share, so I considered that 
the most significant digit.

A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
Tucson, Arizona

Peter McCormack wrote:

>>All ASCE many received a mailing from ASCE 
regarding an invitation to participate in the "people to People 
Ambassador Program" to send a Civil Engineers delegation to 
Cuba next January.

I am just curious if this was blanket mailing, or, as the letter 
stated, my "background, experience and expertise" were actually 


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