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Not a joke, it's the U.S.A. Inc.

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Dear Stevenson,
Thanks for your input.
            Fax-to: (281) 442 2115
            Post-to: U.S.A. Inc. P.O. Box 60069 Houston, TX 77205-0069
            Phone-to: (281) 442 8247
But till now, the only echoes via telephone as below:
            "This is the United States of American, we have nobody named Ron Fletcher OR F. Richard Drake OR Johnny Cortez in our side herein!"
The young guy (named Brain John) directed the branch of the U.S.A. Inc. is going on to market with the logo of AISC MB Certification and the logo of MBMA Member and the logo of U.S.A. (the national emblem of the States).
Further more, the same guy has been play an other title as the Metallic Asia Inc in recent months.
It's a hoax? or what?
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Re: It's the U.S.A. Inc.
Mr. A. J. Young:

I just have a copy of MCN product file and directory
that listed United Structures of America, Inc. at the
following address, telephone and fax number. I wish
you lucks with all your questions posted.

United States of America, Inc.
Corporate Office & main plant
1912 Buschong, Houston, TX 77039
Tel: 281-442-8247
Fax: 281-442-2125
President: F. Richard Drake
VP: Ron Fletcher

Tennessee Plant
P.o.Box 605, Portland, TN 37418
Tel: 615-325-7351
Fax: 615-735-6325