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Re: Regional System Selection

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My experience here in Little Rock mirrors Robert's, although I have worked with
post-tensioned slabs, wood, masonry, and concrete structures.  I find most
deviations from your Lubbock experience to be architecture driven (elegance
over economy).

Keith Fix, PE CA (Structural)
Cromwell Architects Engineers

--- Robert Rollo <rrollo(--nospam--at)> wrote:
> The Todd Hill/Desi Kiss thread has brought up an intersesting sidebar:
> Regional Structural System selections.
> How and why are various area of the country (world) approaching some of the
> following building types.
> I know some of this is obvious, but entertain us anyway.
> Low rise:
> Multiple floor:
> Etc:
> Here in our area:
> low rise: is open web joists on steel beams with load bearing masonry walls
> or braced TS column frames.  Metal deck or poured gypsum roof diaphragm.
> multiple floor: moment (sometimes braced) frames with composite beam floor
> assembly (sometimes open web joist and conform deck) with metal deck roof
> diapragms.  very little concrete structures.  cost is usually the
> determinant (as well as speed of erection, but then again, that's cost isn't
> it ?)
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