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Re: New York State Building Code Wind

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  Dear Ken:
The NYS Code is much simpler in regard to wind than any of the other codes.  It has a table based on building height that gives the pressure to use. Up to 25' high 15 psf and 26' to40' high 18 psf. If you have any questions or need a copy of the section Email me directly.
John Schenne, PE
Schenne & Associates
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Sent: Monday, September 25, 2000 3:01 PM
Subject: New York State Building Code Wind

Hi folks,

I am just starting my first New York State Building project and am in the process of getting the State Building Code.  In the mean time, I would like to get a start on the design (I know its risky but I am behind already - whats new?).  What I was wondering was whether any of you know if the wind load provisions of the NYS code is similar to BOCA or ASCE 7 or some other code that I might have already.  Any help is appreciated.





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