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RE: Partition loading

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How can the Building Official over rule you when you are meeting all the
provisions of the code and then some?  Is s/he going to stamp and seal the
design.  OTOH, your client may have something to say about it :<).
Bill Cain, SE
Oakland  CA

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	Subject:	Partition loading

	For a 3-story senior care facility, I have specified TJI floor
joists.  On the drawings, I delineated the live loads used, but did not
specify the dead loads, which included 20 psf partition load per UBC97
	Since I called out TJI's on plan, I consider it to be a performance
spec.  Contractor is trying to use I-joist other than TJI's, arguing to the
architect and building official that partition loading is not necessary.
Even the people (salesman probably) at TJI expressed surprise that partition
loading was used.
	Most of the interior non-bearing partition walls line up with one
another, similar to in a motel.  But, I don't feel comfortable with omitting
the partition loads, based on the argument that the partition walls "will
not be moved."
	I may be overruled by the building official, so my question is, does
anyone on this list have a "template" letter to be used to document my
position in the matter?  Of course, I can author my own, but thought the
learned assembly here might have a good canned letter.
	Also, if you have an argument, one way or the other, concerning the
applicability of UBC97 1606.2, I'm very interested to hear it.
	John P. Riley, SE
	Riley Engineering
	Blue Grass, Iowa
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