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Nuclear power plants (was: )

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>I am onur DAL, gradyate student in structural engineering.
>I need a code or anything related to Seismic design of Nuclear Power plants. 
>Limitations any kind of provisions. Do you know Where I can find these?

Check the USNRC web site for citations. The USNRC has standards called 
Reg Guides which set forth things like mode combinations, damping values, 
basic dynamic analysis criteria, seismic design review procedures and so 
forth. The ASME Code section III governs piping, pressure vessels and 
support structures. There are also requirements for special items like 
spent fuel storage. I think the pertinent reg guides cite pertinent ASCE 
and ACI requirements for building design. In the US each plant has an 
FSAR document with plant-specific requirements such as response spectra 
and site requirements.  As you probably suspect you'll find much more 
stuff than you can use. Seismic design of nuke plants is a very big deal, 
rarely done on the back of an envelope any more.

BTW, you might want to think about putting a subject line on your posts. 
There's a tendency to assume that messages without subjects are spams or 
otherwise aren't worth considering.

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