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Wind, Snow & Seismic Loads

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The National Council of Structural Engineers Associations 
(NCSEA)is presenting it?s Structural Engineering Winter
Institute from January 21 through January 24, 2001 at the 
Four Points Barceló Hotel in Phoenix, Arizona.  The 
Winter Institute is an annual one-week educational 
program focusing on a different theme each year.  This 
year?s topic is "Environmental Loads on Structures: Wind, 
Snow & Seismic.? 

The program will feature presentations by James M. 
Delahay, T. Eric Stafford, Michael O?Rourke, Wayne 
Tobiasson, Ron O. Hamburger and Gerald Neville.  Each of 
these individuals is directly involved in the development 
and dissemination of the latest requirements in ASCE 7-98 
and the new International Building Code (IBC) 2000.   
ASCE 7-98, Minimum Design Loads for Buildings and Other 
Structures, is recognized as the authoritative, basic 
reference for determining design loads.  The 
International Building Code, IBC 2000, is the new model 
code developed jointly by the three model code agencies, 
and incorporates the provisions ASCE 7-98.  IBC 2000 is 
poised to become a uniform, consistent building code
adopted by municipalities and building departments 
throughout the country.   Structural engineers should 
plan to attend this program to learn the current state of 
practice for these crucial load conditions.  There have 
been significant changes for computing the wind, snow and 
seismic loads, and the program will focus on the 
practical application of the code requirements.  There 
will be a total of eighteen (18) contact hours of 
continuing education credit. 

Visit the NCSEA website at for the 
complete program brochure and registration forms, or call 
(312) 372-8035 for registration information. 

Please feel free to forward this message to your  
colleagues, co-workers or others who may be interested in 
attending the program. 

Benjamin R. Baer, PE, SE 
Program Chair

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