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Re: need information about LRFD for Steel

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Charlie, since striking out on my own, I have been using LRFD exclusively. It is
made somewhat easy by the fact that VisualDesign, my general steel design
software, easily supports it.

As well, I have been putting together some MathCad templates for my own use, to
do e.g. connection designs, using the approaches given in the various AISC
manuals and in Salmon and Johnson.

You're right; it ISN'T so very strange after all.

In fact, the toughest thing about LRFD is the many load combinations. But again,
software helps this immensely. Also, it is easy to do serviceability checks in
VisualDesign just by indicating which primary loads you want checked at the
service level.

So all the belly-aching seems to me to come from people who just don't want to
bother to learn something new. I don't fault them for that, because I realize
that I DO like a challenge, that of learning new methods and techniques.

I'm far more afraid of my modest store of knowledge become stale than I am of

Just one opinion that will now be drowned out by a chorus of nay-sayers! (That's
okay, brothers; have at it!)

> Charlie Carter wrote:
> Once you start looking at it, I think you'll see that LRFD is actually not as
> unfamiliar as I suspect you think it is.

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