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Re: need information about LRFD for Steel

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I guess you must call this a "gut feeling" on my part, but to me, the thorough
treatment of the load combination issue is in itself a big part of the answer to
this question.

I have never liked the too-simplistic ASD load combinations. I can remember
having a "big debate" on whether you could take the stress reduction for DL + WL
only (i.e. with no LL present).

The calibration of the combinations in combination with the resistance factors
to allow a uniform reliability to me takes a lot of the guesswork out of this

Also, I note that a great deal of the research into the detail issues of
connection design is done from a "yield-line" perspective, tailor-made for the
limit state philosophy. I think the whole LRFD approach is serving to unify all
the disparate parts of the steel design process that we used to take piecemeal.

Again, this is my opinion, but the bottom line to me is that I haven't found it
odious in the least to "switch" over to LRFD from ASD. Perhaps if I had been
doing steel design every day of my life for the last 17 years, I'd feel
differently, but I have been working on too many different kinds of structures
(talk about a "switch". Try going to bridge design from buildings and other
structures. Don't kid yourself: It is a major shift in philosophy).

Christopher Wright wrote:
> I doubt that many real engineers belly-ache all that much about learning
> something demonstrably better, but a distinction in which vocabulary is
> the only difference is another matter.
> I really don't want this to turn into another arm-waving contest on the
> topic--just to point out that 'new' isn't always 'different' and
> 'different' isn't always 'better.'

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