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What code to use

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You have a thankless job!

The plans will tell you (maybe) what was supposed to have been built.  
Because the building official is now requiring a permit, the building 
official may require it to comply with current code.  Check with the building 
official as to what code he/she wants it to comply with.

I tend to back away from these unless walls and ceiling can be opened up to 
show me what has actually been constructed.

When I am contacted with "after the fact" structural certification requests, 
I get the impression that both parties, the owner and the building official, 
just want someone to point at if something goes wrong.  Why can't the 
building official make the necessary inspections?  He/she has more clout than 
any independent engineer has in requiring the owner to open up walls and 

A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
Tucson, Arizona

Ken Reed wrote:

>>I have been asked to analyze a house that was built without a permit in
1984. I have the original plans and have been told that the house was
built per the plans, the owner just didn't bother to get a building
permit. This house is in a very rural area and building permits there
are often viewed as a burden that just isn't necessary. I will be
inspecting it to verify that it was built according to the plans before
I begin the analysis. My questions is, do I use the current version of
the UBC or go back to the version that was in effect at the time that it
was built?


Ken Reed, PE<<

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