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Re: shear wall perforations

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Another good source would be APA 157 which describes in some detail the
Sugiyama Method for analysis of a perforated shearwall and has static
testing data for the perforated walls.  The method described in Breyers book
is per Wood Frame Construction Manuel and is somewhat different than the
Sugiyama Method.   A couple of good questions however would be;

1.    Does it really work through a door opening since the only section
resisting overturning is the header ?

2.    What is your wall length for determination of Rho ?

Both of these methods are for gross wall capacity and do not address the
boundary design of the members around the opening.   ATC 7 and APA 138 and
Seismic Design VII have boundary member analysis of a diaphragm and
resulting plywood shear.   Watch the shear above and below the window,  they
frequently govern the nailing design.

Robert Shaffer, P.E.
Santa Cruz,  CA

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> There is a good article in the June 2000 issue of the Structural Engineer
> ( <> ) magazine on the
> methodology for perforated shear walls. The approach seems well thought
> and apparently is based on extensive testing. We adopted its use as an
> alternate means of analyzing such walls in the City of San Jose.
> Ben Yousefi, SE
> San Jose, CA
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> Subject: Re: shear wall perforations
> How does the Breyer book compare with "Wood Engineering and
> Construction
> Handbook" by Faherty and Williamson, if you're familiar with that
> one?
> I realize they may be for different purposes (Breyer sounds like a
> college
> textbook) but I'd be interested to know your opinions.

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