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Re: Why "stiffening" girder or truss?

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The foot bridges in almost every jungle movie were suspension bridges without stiffening girders.  A lot of us may have walked over one in a park somewhere.  The cables directly support the transverse members we walk on.  Every step produces a perceptible motion of the structure.  The stiffening girders in more serious (?) suspension bridges distribute the load forces and stiffen the deck.  It adds little to the cable system's ability to support the vertical load.
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Subject: Why "stiffening" girder or truss?

The girder or truss for cable supported bridges are called "stiffening girder or truss".
However, I could not understand why the giders are called "stiffening girder" rather than just girder.
Does anybody know the meaning of "stiffening" ?
Why is it called stiffening girder?
Thanx in advance
H Gil