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RE: HS bolts

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Title: RE: HS bolts

>Does anyone know why high strength bolts are not
>typically used for anchor bolts?

High-strength bolts (A325 and A490) are commonly available in lengths up to about 5 in.; up to 8 in. in some areas. The basic reason for that is, these specifications are specific to steel-to-steel structural bolting applications.

The longer lengths required for anchor rods are not commonly available. You can get the same strength levels in anchor-rod lengths in A449 and A354, respectively. But I recommend that anchor rods be specified as F1554, a new spec that is as specific to steel to concrete anchorage applications as A325 and A490 are to steel-to-steel connections. You can read more about F1554 here:

Scroll down to "anhcor rods" in the second link above.

>Also, what's the
>maximum readily available length of a typical
>headed anchor bolt (A307)?

This depends upon what the supplier stocks. A supplier or fabricator can probably tell you better information here. If you need a contact, let me know.