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RE: Wind Loading on Existing Structures

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The ICBO publishes a book on assesment and mitigation of hazardous structures.  It is very short and general in nature, but it does make some statements about how far off of current code something needs to be before it is considered hazardous.  This might provide some good baselines to measure against.  It is also fairly generous in some respects.  Unfortunately, I can't find my copy at the moment to give you the exact title, but I don't think they publish too many with that topic, so it shouldn't be too hard to track down. 
Paul Crocker

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Subject: Wind Loading on Existing Structures

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Does anyone on the list have any experience with Code required wind loading on existing structures?  In particular, I am interested in knowing if there are any codes that promulgate a lesser wind loading requirement on existing structures, as compared to new structures, along the lines of NEHRP, ATC or other codes with regard to seismic.
Currently, I have a project that involves a 30+ year old metal warehouse structure that is being checked for code compliance for our 155mph design wind speed.  This structure has been through 4 major typhoons with recorded wind speeds exceeding 155mph sustained.  Based upon this, and the current condition of the structure (it has weathered the years, no pun intended, quite well with minimal if any signs of corrosion), it would appear that MAJOR retrofitting would be overkill, although there are some areas that need to be addressed regardless of what requirements I adhere to. 
Any suggestions would be welcome.
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