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RE: steel building expansion joints - Charlie Carter

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Thanks for response to my expansion joint question.  You say "The information in the Manual...".  What information do you mean?  I am finding very little except "Adequate provision shall be made for expansion and contraction appropriate to the service conditions of the structure".  Is this what you were referring to or is there more that I just haven't come across.  I don't have the latest LRFD Manual (I guess I am an old dog).

The FCCTP that you sent looks informative.




  Charlie Carter <carter(--nospam--at)> wrote:

>Can someone direct me to a good text regarding building expansion joints.

>I am particularly interested in industrial buildings - possibly with a crane.


The information in the AISC Manual is based upon the Federal Construction Council's Technical Report No. 65, which can be found here:



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